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Kashi Nivas Shiva Meditation Ashram
515 Manor Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48105
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Kashi Nivas is the name affectionately given to the nonprofit Shiva Meditation Ashram in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The literal Sanskrit translation of "Kashi Nivas" is "shining seat". Kashi is an epithet of the Hindu God Shiva and another interpretation of Nivas is abode or "The Abode of Shiva". The Kashi Nivas Shiva Meditation Ashram, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is as a gathering place for the practice of meditation and other events that include self-inquiry, yoga, chanting, study groups, and programs that support a spiritual lifestyle, interfaith dialog, and community service. 

Resident Directors Swami Atmananda Saraswati and Swami Lalitananda Saraswati (Kashi Amma) welcome you to experience the path of inner transformation that teaches seekers to live their lives with a high level of awareness, intelligence and compassion. The Kashi Nivas Shiva Meditation Ashram provides a spiritual environment in which seekers can be awakened and guided on their path to self-realization. Go here to Meet the Directors.

What is an Ashram?

The Ashram is a place of spirituality and inner healing. It is a school of inner education, meditation, and self-inquiry. People visit the Ashram to practice meditation and yoga and to study spiritual philosophy. In the Ashram seekers of truth can hear spiritual discourse and experience the Divine. It is a place where one realizes the highest potential of human life. Transformation takes place by means of the awakening of the divine inner energy. In this dynamic environment seekers learn to meditate and practice self-inquiry. They study spiritual philosophy, learn about the emotions, and how the mind works, and gain an understanding of the inner Self, one's essential nature. It is a resource for those seeking spiritual wisdom and inner solutions to life problems. The practice of meditation and self-inquiry give new insight in the areas of career, relationship, health, and spirituality.

Kashi Nivas is a section 501(c)(3) Domestic Nonprofit Corporation in the State of Michigan. In addition our public charity status with the IRS is section 509(a)(2) as we receive our support from a combination of gifts, grants and contributions, and fees for our exempt services. Learn more...


"Selfless service isn't just about providing for the needs of others, it's also about providing others with needed opportunities. Excitement flourishes around opportunity and from that springs a strong urge for personal involvement. Personal involvement promotes knowledge, growth, and self-sufficiency, which in itself leads to self-actualization and communal harmony. 

Remember with gratitude the beneficial opportunities you have been given, and how they helped shape what you have become today, then begin to imagine all the creative ways you can selflessly manifest opportunity for the benefit of others. 

When opportunity is nurtured in a loving communal environment the whole process becomes an uplifting celebration of human spirit." 
~ Swami Atmananda Saraswati