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Kashi Nivas is the name affectionately given to the nonprofit Shiva Meditation Ashram in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The literal Sanskrit translation of "Kashi Nivas" is "shining seat". Kashi is an epithet of the Hindu God Shiva and another interpretation of Nivas is abode or "The Abode of Shiva".

Two friends of Atmaram's came up with the name for his home after a kirtan rehearsal they were having in the summer of 2013. Six months later Atmaram went on a three month stay at the ashram of his friend and teacher Swami Shankarananda in Australia. While he was there he met his future wife Kashi Walters, who used to live at the ashram and was now doing seva there. They feel in love, Kashi came back to the US with him, and together they began the process of getting her a Fiancé Visa. Now Atmaram and Kashi are married and together they serve as co-directors of the auspiciously named Kashi Nivas Shiva Meditation Ashram. 

Kashi Nivas, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is as a gathering place for the practice of meditation and other events that include self-inquiry, yoga, chanting, study groups, and programs that support a spiritual lifestyle, interfaith dialog, and community service.

Resident Directors Atmaram Chaitanya and Kashi Walters welcome you to experience the path of inner transformation that teaches seekers to live their lives with a high level of awareness, intelligence and compassion. Kashi Nivas provides a spiritual environment in which seekers can be awakened and guided on their path to self-realisation. You can read their brief bios here.

Kashi Nivas is a section 501(c)(3) Domestic Nonprofit Corporation in the State of Michigan. In addition our public charity status with the IRS is section 509(a)(2) as we receive our support from a combination of gifts, grants and contributions, and fees for our exempt services. Learn more...


"Selfless service isn't just about providing for the needs of others, it's also about providing others with needed opportunities. Excitement flourishes around opportunity and from that springs a strong urge for personal involvement. Personal involvement promotes knowledge, growth, and self-sufficiency, which in itself leads to self-actualization and communal harmony. 

Remember with gratitude the beneficial opportunities you have been given, and how they helped shape what you have become today, then begin to imagine all the creative ways you can selflessly manifest opportunity for the benefit of others. 

When opportunity is nurtured in a loving communal environment the whole process becomes an uplifting celebration of human spirit." 
~ Atmaram Chaitanya

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