Kashi Amma planned a surprise 60th birthday party for Swami Atmananda at the Amma Michigan Center. While he knew something was being planned he had no idea of who, where, and what until his son Jesse pulled up to the Amma Center and he got a glimpse of Deva Madava Das who was standing there on scout duty. 

The guest of honor entered the hall and received the customary "Surprise" greeting. He was given ash and bindi by Kashi and a flower garland by Ellen, then whisked off to wave the jyoti tray during two beautiful arati ceremonies to Amma and his gurus Bhagawan Nityananda, and Swami Muktananda. Swamiji was asked to speak and he offered a loving message of gratitude and fellowship, punctuated with silence, tears and laughter. 

An abundant potluck dinner, provided by the participants was served and everyone enjoyed an hour of feasting and socializing. Then we all came back to the hall and Kashi Amma gave Swamiji a praise-filled oration followed by prayers of good wishes in arabic and marathi by two of his new international friends Nadine and Snehal.

Everyone was treated to masterful musical performances, bhajans, and kirtans by the band Sumkali, Courtney, Irene,Bidisha, Madhavi, and Devaji. The evening concluded with the grande finale of Swamiji blowing out of 2 cakes with 60 candles and dessert served to everyone. It was a delightful community celebration of love, gratitude, and fellowship. 

A heart felt thank you to everyone who came, to those who helped in some way, and to those who gave gifts. Massive thanks and appreciation to Madhavi, Courtney, John, and Kelly for their invaluable behind the scene assistance to Kashi Amma to make the whole thing happen. We'd also like to give thanks to Jeff and Matthew, Vickie, and Cher for capturing this milestone in the photos and videos we are sharing with you here. Anyone who has video or photos are welcome to share them so we can post them here.