Self-Inquiry Meditation Series

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Live Video Conference Meeting

Welcome to the first session in a series of Self-inquiry meditations! Each week Kashi Amma will offer a different thematic inquiry that will include a talk and contemplation. This week the theme is listening to the Inner Voice. The contemplation is called, "Looking for Footprints of the Inner Self." We will start with a short talk and then go into our meditation. In the first half of the meditation we will become present to the body, breath, mind and emotions. In the second half of the meditation we will take it deeper and look for evidence of the Inner Self. You will have the opportunity to see, feel, or sense how the Inner Self shows up for you. The Self can show up in many ways, as love, as energy, as vision, as insight, as expansion, as certainty, as wonder, as peace and so on. I look forward to exploring the inner world with you!

This is a FREE donation-based community program. Kashi Nivas Shiva Meditation Ashram is a section 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation.