Following Sound Into Silence
  • Following Sound Into Silence


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By Kailash (Kurt A. Bruder, Ph.D., M.Ed.)
The author believes that chanting is an authentic and effective spiritual practice that is well suited to our contemporary lifestyle. No generation before us has had to contend with the onslaught of voices clamoring for our attention, the chaos of distractions vying for our imagination and allegiance, or the flood of information that is our daily lot. Chanting—both alone and with others—can quiet and stabilize our mind, expand our heart, elevate our emotion, and reduce our self-centeredness . . . yielding a direct, sustained experience of the Divine.

This CD featuring Kailash’s extraordinary chanting demonstrates the potency of this practice in a presentation that’s as profoundly moving as it is eminently practical. You’ll understand why people across the centuries and around the world have employed chanting as their principal resource for cultivating well-being, personal transformation, and spiritual evolution.

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