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Kashi Nivas Newsletter - November 4, 2017

Namaste Dear Friends, 
Many of the programs offered at Kashi Nivas have been webcast live and the recordings are available for viewing anytime from the Kashi Nivas Webcast Archive. We've been using the Bambuser webcast platform and are transitioning to the YouTube platform to handle our webcasting and archiving needs. That means we now have a Kashi Nivas YouTube Channel that you can go to, click "Subscribe", and be alerted to live and archived videos of Kashi Nivas events. 


I had a transforming insight. I realised I might not be able to have the meditation I want to have, but I can always have the meditation I am having. Instantly, my approach changed. With the lens of this insight, I saw how much I had been at war with myself and at war with reality. I saw that I had to surrender to what was so, respecting it all as Shiva. The insights of Shaivism had perhaps precipitated this moment. If every thought, every feeling, every sensation, every thing were Shiva, why would you reject something and seek something else?
In doing so, you would be dishonouring Shiva,
you would be killing Shiva to get to Shiva.
~ Swami Shankarananda, 
Consciousness Is Everything: The Yoga of Kashmir Shaivism



Satsang with Swami Chidbrahmananda
Swami Chidbrahmananda, from the Vedanta Center of Greater Washington DC, returns to Kashi Nivas on Sunday, November 12, from 3pm - 5pm. Swamiji will offer an afternoon of satsang, chanting, one-on-one meetings, and more. This is a free donation-based event so tell your friends and family and join us for another delightful gathering with this accessible and down-to-earth teacher. Learn more...

First Wednesday Ann Arbor Kirtan
In addition to our regular Monthly Ann Arbor Kirtans we hold a kirtan on the first Wednesday of each month at Kashi Nivas. Please join us Wednesday, December 6th, from 7pm - 9pm. The evening will begin with brief with introductory mantras, the lights will be dimmed, only the vocals will be amplified, and there will be fewer but longer chants to help fully immerse us in the practice. Learn more...

12th Annual Holiday Kirtan Party
Please join us on Saturday, December 9th from 6:30pm - 9:30pm, to celebrate the past year of Ann Arbor Kirtan gatherings, and to usher in the holiday season with the time honored tradition of kirtan.The event will begin with a social hour where we ask community members to bring a healthy snack or dessert to share. Learn more...

New Year's Eve Kirtan
Bring in the new year immersed in sacred chant and community celebration on December 31, from 8pm - 1am. Kashi Nivas invites you to enjoy a potluck buffet and three hours of chanting, followed by social time, to bring in the new year together. Feel free to offer a healthy entree, snack, dessert, or refreshment for the potluck. There will be free door prize drawings at midnight. Learn more...

Weekly Drop-in Meditation
We invite you to share in the collective synergy of the drop-in meditation program held weekly on Tuesday nights at Kashi Nivas. The space is open for meditators from all backgrounds. The program consists of chanting, 20 minutes of silent group meditation, japa, or contemplative prayer, a group discussion and contemplation, followed by refreshments and social time. Learn more...

Weekly Guru Gita Program
The Guru Gita is a devotional chant sung in Sanskrit, an ancient, energy-filled language and is a marvelous text on the esoteric significance of the inner Guru and the Guru disciple relationship. The chant and the meditation that follows last about an hour and is held at 10:00 AM every Saturday morning at Kashi Nivas. There is no charge to attend and chanting books are provided. Guests are invited to bring a small photo or murti of their Guru to place on the altar during the program. Learn more...

Hatha Yoga With Kashi
Kashi Walters is teaching Hatha Yoga classes at Kashi Nivas on Monday evenings from 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM and Restorative Yoga on Thursday evenings from 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM. Contact us in advance if you are interested in taking a class as space is limited. Learn more...

Free Self-Inquiry Sessions
Are you able to formulate an accurate statement of your present feeling? What emotions are presenting and what areas of your life are affected? What uplifting statement would reflect an illuminated perspective of your higher Self in the current situation? Under the circumstances what do you want to accept, change, or do to manifest your greatest potential? Would you like to have the tools for navigating these inner-world processes. Atmaram and Kashi welcome you to the Kashi Nivas Shiva Meditation Center and offer you a free confidential spiritual Self-inquiry session conducted in a loving nurturing environment. For more information or to schedule an appointment contact them at 734-883-6947 or kashi@kashinivas.org. Learn more...
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"People keep busy because they find it difficult to bear their own consciousness. They look for various forms of entertainment to escape from themselves. The greatest challenge lies in looking at oneself,
by being alone with oneself."
~ Nisargadatta Maharaj
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