Kashi Nivas Prayer List


Virgina Rexford Helen Brown
Roy Brown Uma Sankari
Michael Foster Kannan Mukundrajan
Jeff Rosen Barbara Muck
Lucy Hood Jim Two Bears
Guru Priya Namo Ami Taofu Cindy Reukers
John Weglo Bill Baker
Phyllis Sujata Castle Mellissa Baker
Kate D. Ralph Salmeron
Dianne Blake Jill F.
Margret McMahon Mark A.
Kristopher Crose Roger Gwizdala
David Ivan Sapper Phalguni Devi Dasi
Jon Savoie  
Swami Girijananda  
The Prayer List contains names of community members who are in need of healing or who are recently deceased. It rests on the alter at Kashi Nivas where Atmaram and Kashi perform daily prayers and puja for their well-being. We welcome you to include them in your prayers as well.
To add a name to the Prayer List please go here or contact Atmaram at atmaram@kashinivas.org. In the body of the message include the name of the person to be added to the prayer list and whether they need healing or are deceased, also include your name, or the name of the community member who is related in some way to the person we will be praying for.
Om Namah Shivaya

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