Puja Ceremonies

A puja is an ancient ceremony designed to invoke, and connect us to, higher Consciousness by focusing on a particular deity or aspect of the divine. This invocation gives us the opportunity to offer up our mundane worries to a higher power, and transform our experience.

Pujas are performed at Kashi Nivas, with one or two pujares and with many variations in the type of mantra, ritual and deity being invoked.

Dakshina (a donation) is offered for the pujas as a way of giving thanks to the Guru and the spiritual work.


Pujas are performed without flower petals for a $25.00 donation and pujas with flower petals are performed for a $50.00 donation.

Personal pujas

You can dedicate a puja to any area of your life where you wish to generate positive energy. Pujas can generate love, help improve your relationships; gain better health and vitality; release blocks in career and wealth; create spiritual upliftment; or send blessings to a loved one.

The deity chosen for your puja depends on the area of life you wish to focus on.

Rites of passage

A Rite of Passage puja is the ideal way to honor an important life event and is usually celebrated or commemorated with a group of people. These types of pujas include birthdays, baby blessings, wedding showers, house blessings and memorials (honoring and sending blessing to the departed).

The deity chosen for your puja depends on the area of life you wish to focus on.


Puja Ceremony


The remover of obstacles, Ganesh creates flow in areas that are blocked. Ganesh brings success in new ventures, such as business, relationships, birth and marriage.


Shiva is a great and powerful yogi, and is responsible for the creation, sustenance and dissolution of the universe. Shiva brings spiritual blessings and liberation from blocked situations and outmoded habits, compassion to those who are grieving and helps people who have  passed away to cross over.


The goddess of love and beauty, Lakshmi rules over good fortune, prosperity, success, love and feminine beauty.


An embodiment of the mother, Durga rules over comfort, help, power, nurturing, protection, defense, death and destruction.


Saraswati is the goddess of wisdom and presides over the arts, sciences, music, poetry, learning and teaching.



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Donation Cost
$30.00 without flowers
$60.00 with flowers