Sangeet Mandali

This program will resume onsite after the pandemic.

The Kashi Nivas Shiva Meditation Ashram offers two hours of Indian devotional and meditative music from 7pm - 9pm, on the first Wednesday of every month. The Sangeet Mandali (circle of musical friends) offers a free live donation-based evening of Indian music that includes inspiring instrumentals, bhajans, kirtan, and group or call and response singing of sacred mantras, prayers, hymns, and chants. This volunteer group of vocalists and musicians create a bhavana, or spiritual mood, that is capable of opening the heart, uplifting the soul, and granting a taste of the higher Self. The evening concludes with a 10-minute silent meditation.

Circle of Friends
Swami Atmananda - Vocals, harmonium, tampura
Kashi Amma - Vocals, harmonium, kartals
Mathew Pancone - Vocals, harmonium
Mark Maxwell - Guitar, flute, saxophone
Bidisha Ghosh - Vocals
Adinath Paul Sihon - Tabla

This is a donation-based community program, please consider making a contribution.