Self-Inquiry Sessions

Use your awareness to unblock your life. Contact Us for information about our complementary introductory Self-inquiry sessions.

What is Self-Inquiry or Shiva Process?

The Shiva Process is a unique form of Self-inquiry that uses a series of questions to invoke the profound wisdom of the inner Self. It is a method of looking directly at the inner blocks that separate us from peace, happiness and insight, and discovering how to undo them.

In the natural course of living our lives we gather impressions from situations and conversations with other people. Blocks happen when we encounter resistance or conflict and this usually occurs in four major areas of life:

  1. Relationships – family, friends, colleagues and others
  2. Career – work, money and creativity
  3. The body – health, physical fitness and diet
  4. Spirituality – the inner world.
These unpleasant impressions show up as tensions in the subtle energy centers within the body. In the Shiva Process method we first become aware of the tensions, and then work to release them. Once the blocks are released our lives become productive, well-balanced and joyful.

Uplift Your Thoughts and Feelings

Shiva Process teaches us to live from a deeper awareness of the inner Self and the shakti, the spiritual energy. We investigate, recognise and uplift inner blocks to release tension. We learn to ask empowering questions, to recognise unconscious negative emotion, to fight ‘tearing thoughts’ and release energy, to empower our doing and to invoke love and compassion. 

Work one-on-one with a Shiva Process facilitator to explore specific issues in your life or to become more familiar with the Self-inquiry techniques. We will focus on teaching you how to perform Self-inquiry on yourself in order to deepen your meditation practice. Each session will include a guided meditation, sharing and discussion.

Swami Atmananda

Swami Lalitananda (Kashi Amma)

Contact Us for information about our complementary introductory Self-inquiry sessions.

Private Sessions
$50 per session
($40 concession)

$140 for 3 sessions
($130 concession)

Online sessions are also
available via Skype.